Mary, She’s Watching You…

The word “May” comes from the Latin word “Maia,” meaning “good mother.” The 5th month of the year is truly a celebration both for our Heavenly Mother and for motherhood itself! This entire month is dedicated to Mary, perhaps because this is the season for flowers.

Mary has many titles including the “Mystical Rose…Cause of our joy…Queen of families.” She is symbolized by the opening flower, since she opened her life most fully to bring Jesus into the world. In May, the Church asks us to crown her with flowers of appreciation. And then on Mother’s Day we thank our human mothers as well, by giving them flowers.

When my daughter, Brigit, was little she thought her mom could see everything she did! But as she grew, this helpful vision disappeared. Mom really didn’t have eyes everywhere. Yet, I reminded her that her Heavenly Mother has this amazing power! Mary sees whatever we do. And, like mothers everywhere, she wants us all to be on the Good Path, coming Home to Heaven…so her love is both supportive and correcting!

When I was—sadly—dealing with the issue of divorce, I worried most about the children. When they were away from me, visiting their dad in the “big city” I told them to look up at the sky every day. Although I wasn’t there to watch over them, our heavenly Mother would be there and she might even leave special messages in the sky! The sky, for us, represents Mary’s Mantle. As the Queen of Heaven, we imagine that Mary spreads her mantle across the daytime sky. And the clouds and colors above us have become messengers. We developed this “Sky Code: ”

  • When there are little fluff ball clouds, we are reminded of our craft supplies—those cotton balls we use for making little sheep pictures. This might be Mary’s reminder that today calls for creativity and flexibility! Do something different!
  • When the sky is heavy with dark clouds, the kind that make us feel cold and gloomy, Mary might be reminding us to seek out community and company. Being together with others brings a sense of warmth and reassurance.
  • When Mary’s heavenly mantle is clear and blue, everything seems fair and good. Mary must be feeling happy with us today!
  • And then, when the sky is sparkling with colors of pink, purple and yellow, we know Mary has spread over us something extra special. She reminds us that this is a day to honor God for His most amazing creation!
  • The Sky Code has been comforting and it is a reminder to PRAY. Brigit knew that I was looking up at the same sky. And Mary watches over both of us. Through Her, we talk to each other!

Being a mother is not an easy job. We aren’t always there when our little ones need us. And we don’t see how they are at school, or when they are away from home. Are they behaving the way they should? Are they safe from harm? Are they working hard and learning the right things? It is so reassuring to know that we, who are mothers, also have a Heavenly Mother who watches over us and guides us, as well as our children! We are never alone!

Thank you dear Mother of the Skies. Watch over us.