A Wonderful Garden With A Devotion to Mary

Angela sent us these wonderful photos and description on how she is honoring Mary in her Mary garden. We love to see the photos and inspiration from our happy customers!

“Here are the pictures from my yard for my Our Lady of Lourdes statue you made me. She is so beautiful and I am so proud to share this with you. Here grotto is made out Of marble hand carved from Italy over 150 years ago. My father had the marble from A church that was torn down and he was given the marble from the priest and has Been sitting under his deck for over 10 years.”

Mary Statue in Garden

Mary Statue in Garden

Author: Stephen Connelly

Stephen was born in Ireland but now calls Massachusetts home. He is married and together they have four children. Stephen loves writing, especially on his favorite subject Catholicism, and we are extremely fortunate that he has chosen to write for the Catholic Faith Store.

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