Jewelry Size Guide – How to Select the Right Size Pendant

​Shopping online can be a little confusing at times with one of the most difficult things to perceive being size. Jewelry shopping falls into this category and we’d like to help you choose the ​correct size pendant with a bit of information on pendant measurements. You can use this handy jewelry size guide to help you.

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Pendants compared to a quarter

Charm size: These pendants are very small, think charm bracelet size. Cham size will typically be purchased for a young child or for an adult looking to add a charm dangle to an existing piece of jewelry. Common sizes include 3/8 inch, ½ inch, and ¼ inch height.

Small size: Small sized charms will work well for petite women and teen girl as they are not so small to be a charm size and not too big to be overpowering for a smaller person to wear. Common sizes include 9/16th and 5/8 inch height.

Medium size: These are the traditional sizes most women will choose to wear. They also work well for teen girls and smaller youth boys. Common sizes include 11/16 inch, 13/16 inch, 3/4 inch and 7/8 inch heights.

Large size: A larger pendant is considered anything higher than 7/8 of an inch. These medals are ideal for men to wear. The taller the man the larger the pendant to match his body size. Any pendant taller than an inch is considered Extra-large. Common heights include 15/16 inch, 1 inch and above in height.

Please note that the Catholic Faith Store includes the loop at the top of the pendant in the measurement of the height of the pendant.

Compare pendants to quarter, nickel and dime
  • Judith Taveras says:

    I have a question; when the pendant is 4cm is it medium size or large size?

    • Mark Lowe says:

      4cm is about 1.57 inches and this would be considered a large size. Also you need to consider that in general, as the size increases, so does the thickness and the weight.

  • Lina Nguyen says:

    I would like to have a Devine mercy pendant on large size 1 1/2 ‘’ another side I would like to have Virgin Mary carry baby Jesus in 14 or 18k gold if you can do it.

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