Lent is the Power Season

Lent and FastingThe Power Season
Lent is the Power Season. It’s the time to rein in all those straying practices…the “pig out” tendency, the munchies tendency, the “grouchy ‘til 4 cups of coffee” tendency, the “I’ll pray later” tendency. It’s our time to feel the power of true Love.

When my daughter was learning to ride horses, the first lesson from her teacher was “How to Stop: Use your Reins.” When you’re a little girl on a big, powerful animal, you’d better know how to get it to stop, or you could be in big trouble! Similarly, the Church in her infinite wisdom, gives us a season to Stop. It is lesson #1, the first and the best way to grow in faith.

I use that word, STOP, as an acronym for: Stillness, Training, Orderliness, Perseverance.
Lent means seeking the stillness of the desert. We join Jesus on his 40 days of pilgrimage.
Lent means training the body through self discipline. “Why?” my Sunday School students asked. “Why can’t we eat meat on Friday? I hate fish.” We practice fasting and abstinence, as voluntary sacrifices. We join our small offerings of sacrifice with Jesus’ great offering of Himself. What is the giving up of meat or candies, or the between-meal munching in comparison to the love of Jesus, who surrendered His life on our behalf? Our forms of training in self discipline and sacrifice, prepares us for greater giving. Jesus gave up life itself, in order to show us the way to New Life. Only in training our minds, hearts and bodies can we fully understand this great gift.

Lent means creating order in the chaos of our lives. First, and most important in all the demands of our lives, is our relationship with God. Nothing is more important. Love flows when we are filled up by He Who Loves. We order our priorities. We order our time.
Lent means we must be persevering. It’s never easy. But the more we STOP, during Lent, the more we will grow in love for the King of kings!

Claim the power that can come when you STOP this Lent to “Look at Him!”