Risen Christ & Customer Ingenuity

One of our very creative customers created this crucifix using a handmade wooden cross and a Risen Christ statue.
He attached the Risen Christ to the wooden cross and made it into an Risen Christ crucifix. He will be adding this piece to an auction to help raise money for their church.

Risen Christ Statue, Hand Painted, Marble Composite - 25"H

Risen Christ Statue, Hand Painted, Marble Composite – 25″H

The Risen Christ statue is a stunning piece to mount on your wall. Christ wears red and white garments and His arms are outstretched. He is a one of a kind remarkable masterpiece created to worship and to be a constant reminder of our faith. The marble composite material is strong and sturdy and compatible for indoor or outdoor use.
The Risen Christ statue was hand crafted with detailed contour lines and many exquisite characteristics. A contrasting color palette complements the statue beautifully.

  • The statue is made from a high quality hand painted marble composite material.
  • The statue is built from Master Italian artisans with the utmost attention to detail.
  • This statue is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • The dimensions of the statue are 20″L x 3″D x 25″H.
  • The statue is handmade in Italy.

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