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How To Pray the Rosary

The rosary is prayed by reflecting on the life of Christ from His birth to His resurrection. Download the guide for free.


Saint Brendan Boat Plaque

We love our boats and the feeling of being on the open water! Keep safe on sailing adventures with this beautiful St. Brendan Boat Plaque.


The Faithful Four – Jesus Mary Joseph Christopher

The practice of wearing religious medals dates back to the 16th century when Pope St. Pius V began blessing medals containing the images of Jesus and Blessed Mary. As Catholics, wearing a medal is an outward expression of our faith. It tells the world, I am a follower of Christ.


Top 6 Things to Consider for Your Daughter’s First Communion

Receiving the sacrament of First Holy Communion is an important rite of passage in your daughter’s life. Like any special event, there are many things that need to get done before the big day. The months, weeks, and days before your daughter’s Communion are spent getting spiritually, mentally, and physically prepared. In addition to making sure […]


How to Choose a First Communion Dress

Celebrating the sacrament of First Holy Communion is just that, a beautiful and memorable occasion highlighting the Holy Eucharist and becoming a full participant in the Church.  Along with the spiritual preparation come the other details of the day which include choosing a First Communion Dress and Accessories and coordinating the festivities after the church […]


First Communion — A truly beautiful and spiritual gift.

“We received the smaller Baptism version for our daughter and thought it was such a pretty, prayerful, special gift we got it for our God daughter’s First Communion. A truly beautiful and spiritual gift. This will definitely remain a gift option for all our other God daughters.” First Communion Faux Pearl Rosary Bracelet What a […]


The Miraculous Medal — Designed by the Virgin Mary Herself!

The Catholic Church is filled with symbols and images meant to be visual reminders of our faith. These symbols tell a story and often reveal a powerful message. Besides the cross—the most recognizable image of the Catholic faith — the Miraculous Medal, or the Medal of the Immaculate Conception, is another popular image that’s rich […]


The Crucifix — Why Displaying It in Your Home Matters

The crucifix is one of the most recognizable images in the world and for many it evokes a range of emotions. The crucifix is a powerful image. Unlike a simple cross, the wall crucifix features the figure of Christ being crucified.


Pope Francis’ Signature Piece of Jewelry—the Pectoral Cross

In a world where appearances count, the way Pope Francis chooses to dress and adorn himself speaks volumes about his quiet, meek persona. Unlike many of his predecessors, Pope Francis chooses to wear a simple white cassock and pectoral cross when he’s seen in public.From the first moment Pope Francis stepped out on the balcony […]

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