Prayers to Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew the Apostle is the patron saint of Fishermen and Scotland. Andrew is known as the first Apostle. He was killed by being crucified on a saltire, or x-shaped cross, for baptizing Maximilla, the wife of the Roman governor of Patras. His symbol, the saltire, is featured on the flag of Scotland, where he established the Church of Saint Andrew.

Prayer to St. Andrew

O Glorious St. Andrew, you
were the first to recognize and
follow the Lamb of God.
With your friend St. John you
remained with Jesus for that first
day, for your entire life, and
now throughout eternity.
As you led your brother St. Peter
to Christ, and many others after
him, draw us also to Him.
Teach us to lead others to Christ
solely out of love for Him, and
dedication in His service.
Help us to learn the lesson of
the Cross and to carry our daily
crosses without complaint so
that they may carry us to Jesus.

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Saint Andrew

Prayers to Saint Andrew

We humbly beseech Thy Majesty. O
Lord, that as the blessed Apostle
Andrew was once a teacher and ruler
of Thy Church, so he may ever be
our advocate with Thee. Through our
Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

O CHRIST, our Lord, Who didst
beautify the most blessed Andrew
with the grace of apostleship, and the
crown of martyrdom, by granting to
him this special gift, that by preaching
the mystery of the cross, he should
merit death on the cross; grant us to
become most true lovers of Thy holy
cross, and, denying ourselves, to take
up our cross and follow Thee; that by
sharing Thy sufferings in this life, we
may deserve the happiness of
obtaining life everlasting.

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Saint Andrew

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