Which is Best, Pewter or Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Pewter vs. Sterling Silver

When making a jewelry purchase for yourself or as a gift you are often presented with a choice, pewter or sterling silver.  Which is best? We’ll let you decide based on your budget and your shopping preferences.

Men's Sterling Silver Pointed Edge Crucifix Pendant

Many of our pendants are available for sale in both pewter and sterling silver. They are exactly the same style but two very different metals. Let’s assume you’ve found a pendant that meets your style requirements, now you want to make sure it safe and comfortable to wear against my skin.

Take a look at the chart below for the benefits of each metal type:



Sterling Silver


Nearly Hypoallergenic

Budget Friendly

Lustrous Finish

High End Appeal


Easy Care Instructions


Nickel Free / Lead Free

Versatile Look

Wear it when you are sweaty

Wear it in the shower

*Made in the USA

*Note: A small percentage of our cards with pewter pendants are made in Italy.

The advantages of buying a Pewter pendant

St. Florian Pewter Medal with Prayer Card

Pewter pendants are a great metal option for those with sensitive skin. The metal is very unlikely to tarnish or corrode over time. Pewter is super budget friendly and an ideal metal for teens and young children to wear.

Pewter is very popular with “street” and casual jewelry design styles. And if those advantages weren’t enough, pewter is a no-fuss metal that doesn’t need any special caring instructions. Wear it when you like as often as you like!

The advantages of buying a Sterling Silver pendant

Women's Sterling Silver Rosebud Triple Slide Pendant

Very few will argue that sterling silver jewelry isn’t very beautiful, from its lustrous shine to its many elegant design options. This is a high-end precious metal and its price reflects it! An ideal choice for a special personal purchase or gift as it is meant to last a lifetime if care is taken when cleaning.

For jewelry care instructions see our blog:

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